June (Final) Wrap Up

I don't know how people blog several times a week, I can barely handle once a month! This week I found myself dreading this June wrap up post (which is why it's super late).  I'm not a full time blogger (obviously) so I can do whatever I want here! That means I'm going to end the wrap ups for now. I wanted to do a year of monthly wrap up posts and I made it 9 months. Not bad! Back to posting here whenever the mood strikes.

It took me about two seconds today to realize that I've been having a hard time handling stress and anxiety, so I should cut some things out of my routine (and add in more of what I truly want to do at that moment). Scott and I went to Michigan for a long weekend in a cabin with no internet and barely a cell signal and I realized I need to unplug a bit more in daily life. In honor of that, here are a few of my favorite photos from this weekend.

Now I'm going to spend the rest of my night reading and collaging/drawing in my sketchbook. Happy creating!


New Product For Sale! Collage Paper Packs

I'm a slacker! I forgot to share my collage packs on my blog! If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook you may have seen the announcement that these are now for sale. I'll blame how easy mobile apps are for me forgetting to post here. 

I'm super excited about these as I love making collages and buying collage packs is a great way to get papers you never would have otherwise. 

Here's special coupon code for my blog readers: use the code COLLAGETIME for 20% off your purchase in my Etsy shop now through 7/9/17

I use a wide selection of papers in my packs including vintage and new papers from items such as lesson books, children's books, etiquette books, dictionaries, color sample swatches, patterned scrapbook paper, wallpaper sample sheets, cork paper etc. If you are a collage maker I suggest checking them out!