Every starlet needs to carry her pasties in style!

Here is a more finished photo of a pastie box I made for Chicago starlet Ginny Fizz. I could of sworn I had more of other recent ones made but I'm a bad blogger and forgot to take pictures before they went out the door.

Hello from Chicago

I'm waiting for some updates on my computer to finish so I figured I would ramble for a minute here in my tiny corner of the Internet. What has your dear friend Kate the Great been up to? I recently started taking Burlesque classes at Studio L'amour and it's so fun! I know what your thinking fellas, and sorry to inform you no clothes are being taken off at this stage of classes. This is the very basic class to learn the moves and it's quite a workout! 

Last night I finally got to check out Spudnik Press and do some printing with my good friend Erik. I had some trouble printing with the soft cut lino I used so I'll go back to the better stuff and maybe do some woodcuts. I took some pictures of the studio space and will post soon! This place was amazing, they have everything. 

Till next time!