Craftistas Kit

I've blogged about Craftistas before when I got a test kit and I was lucky enough recently to win a free three month subscription for me and a friend!

The last one I got was to make fleece ear warmers and some gloves to embellish. The kit came with more than enough materials and was a super easy project. I messed it up and didn't measure my head properly so I'll have to give the ear warmers to a friend with a smaller head than I do. Whoops! 

Anyways, here are some pictures of what I made!


I signed up to receive a test kit from Craftisas and wanted to share what I made, a black faux leather clutch with studs and chevron fabric lining. It's a subscription service where you receive a kit for a new project every month. It's a photo heavy post because I wanted to share the step by step process. 

Cute packaging  

The step by step instructions were really clear and concise. 

Some of the supplies  

Drawing out the template on the faux leather   

It helped to use a brayer to smooth out the E6000 while adhering the fabric lining to the faux leather  

I needed a quick reminder of how to do a blanket stitch so I referenced by Sublime Stitching book  

All done!  

Minimal mess on my work table for once! Took under an hour from start to finish.

All in all I would definitely recommend Craftistas. It was nice to take a break from my other projects and work on a new project with something I normally wouldn't make! The kit came with everything I needed and I only needed a few basic supplies of my own (ruler, scissors, clips).

Testing, Testing

I got my Craftistas test kit! I can't wait to make it, I'll post a full blog post when I do! Tonight I finally finished submissions for 3 different art shows so now I have some time to work on other projects and this is at the top of the list.