Pardon the Absence

Started training at my new job last night! I got this as a seasonal holiday retail gig so now I'm working 40 hours at the day job, doing about 17 hours of training at Lush, then will be working there on weekends. This is going the complete opposite direction of my ideal goal to work part time somewhere and focus on my art, but oh well. Ya do what ya gotta do when you have bills to pay...

Slow Going

I hate going to the doctor. 

I don't write many personal posts but I felt the need to vent...

I'm hoping one of these days soon life gives me a break. I had a tooth pulled 2 weeks ago and the week after a few fillings put in (lesson learned about skipping the dentist!), and this week I went to the doctor for a muscle strain in my neck that quite possibly is a pinched nerve. The muscle relaxers and pain meds are enough to make sleeping bearable but I'm still in a lot of pain. After some research it looks like going to a chiropractor is the next step and I have an appointment tomorrow. The neck pain is tough because I can't even look down to read. I suppose I could sit with the book straight in front of my face, but that will not be comfortable for long. I haven't worked in my studio at all either. Basically I've been in a medicine haze since Tuesday and sleeping a lot. I was supposed to go on trip to Lake Geneva this weekend for a bachelorette party and had to cancel since there is no way I could do all the activities and deal with the pain and no way I could rest the muscle in my neck/shoulder. I've been a bit stressed over these health issues amongst other things and hope I feel well soon and am back to normal, I've got a lot to do!

Happy Happy, Joy Joy

I normally don't post much personal stuff on here, but today I'm cranky (combination day job stuff and not feeling well, just being blah lately), so I decided to post about some things that are making me happy right now to cheer myself up.

I reorganized my studio recently and love the new layout so much.

New tattoo. Our friend Sam is getting married this fall, so her and two of us bridesmaids got matching tattoos at Insight Studios. Mine was done by Jeff P.

I've been to 3 cubs games so far this season

Yesterday was one year since my dude and I had our first date. We had a chill date night last night to celebrate.

Whew's been a very interesting week. Last Friday our apartment was broken into and me and my roomie's laptops were stolen. Needless to say I am pretty bummed, but also very happy that no one was hurt in this incident. Every digital photo I've ever taken and all my music is gone. I have some photo backups on flickr and a good amount of my music still on cd's, but those who know me know how much all this means to me and how it's rough to have it all stolen.

My friend Chris and his band Tension Generation played a show that same night and had a donation jar out for me to help me get a new computer. I am so lucky to have such awesome friends! Many thanks to them.

Anyways. We got the Point of View show hung yesterday and it looks great! It was nice to take a step back when it was all done and breathe a sigh of relief. This was my first time curating and I was a bit nervous. I cannot wait for the opening reception on Saturday and hope you can come check it out!