I signed up to receive a test kit from Craftisas and wanted to share what I made, a black faux leather clutch with studs and chevron fabric lining. It's a subscription service where you receive a kit for a new project every month. It's a photo heavy post because I wanted to share the step by step process. 

Cute packaging  

The step by step instructions were really clear and concise. 

Some of the supplies  

Drawing out the template on the faux leather   

It helped to use a brayer to smooth out the E6000 while adhering the fabric lining to the faux leather  

I needed a quick reminder of how to do a blanket stitch so I referenced by Sublime Stitching book  

All done!  

Minimal mess on my work table for once! Took under an hour from start to finish.

All in all I would definitely recommend Craftistas. It was nice to take a break from my other projects and work on a new project with something I normally wouldn't make! The kit came with everything I needed and I only needed a few basic supplies of my own (ruler, scissors, clips).

A Fun Project

I made these last night as baby gifts for my boyfriend's new niece and nephew. I made sure to find out the nursery colors so I could match it, I think this is a fun decoration. I embroidered the names on the fabric and added the fabric/button flower and then put it in a thrifted frame that I spraypainted. Easy peasy! 

Some New Supplies

I went yesterday out to Oakton Community College to drop my paintings off for my show next month and took advantage of having the Zipcar for a few more hours and went to Jo-Anns to pick up some supplies for various projects. I think today I'm going to start a baby gift for my boyfriend's new niece and nephew (the fabric and embroidery thread is for that). I also picked up some knitting needles and yarn so I can finally learn how to knit! 

Testing, Testing

I got my Craftistas test kit! I can't wait to make it, I'll post a full blog post when I do! Tonight I finally finished submissions for 3 different art shows so now I have some time to work on other projects and this is at the top of the list. 

New Handmade

I’m going to drop these lovelies I made off at Lenny & Me today after work. They’re moving my handmade stuff to the main location at 1459 N Milwaukee Ave, if they haven’t already. Make sure to stop in! They also have my pin cushions, bookmarks, and cards for sale. These look funny on my desk at work!


A commission piece just finished! About 6 or 7 hours of work, which is a rough estimate since I didn't keep track. I free hand drew everything on the fabric with inspiration from sublime stitching and the color scheme was inspired by the Chicago flag, which the client wanted.


This is my 100th post! I would like to have a website one day but blogging in fun! Thanks to everyone who came out to Indie in the Windy City this past weekend. I'm working on my etsy shop, so will have tons of new items posted soon! In the meantime the shop is in vacation mode but I will let you know when you can check out the new goods. 


While the cynic in me wants to be a bit annoyed that Valentine's day is upon us again, I'm happy I received a fun commission from my co-worker for a gift for his burlesque dancing girlfriend. I made a tassel holder!! I got the little box from Paper Source and painted it and lined the inside with felt. I hope she likes it! And yes that is a nipple on the lid.

It's Been Awhile

I haven't been doing much painting lately and it's attention span has been annoyingly short so in the meantime I craft! Check out the new bookmarks in the shop. More to come!

Porn for Crafters

That's right ladies, check out this sexy 76 color wool felt sample pack that can't wait to spend the night with you.

 I'm telling you, this is porn for crafters right here! I should charge for this...

Thinking ahead..

I'm already thinking about holiday is a dorky picture of me and a felt plush heart ornament I made. It's hard to see in this photo but there is a loop of ribbon attached to the top of the heart. Now it's off to figure out what I'm going to display at the Ravenswood art walk at Genius Style.

P.S. I looove google reader! I never thought I would be such a blog nerd.