Tonight and Various Ramblings.


It's been a busy week with friends, work, and I even squeezed in a tiny bit of time to paint Wednesday night. I got a rejection for a craft show I applied to which is a bummer, but I can't get in to every single thing I apply for. Gotta keep chugging along! I'm really happy and confident in the work I've been making recently and my goal is to show in more galleries and more consistently in the next few years. I've been playing around with the thought of grad school too so I'm not sure how I would balance everything, but one thing at a time right now...  

Night Owl

Next Tuesday! Come on out, have a drink or two, and check out work from local artists. I'll be there with my art zine and some smaller pieces on display. Come say hi and buy me a redbull, I'm old and this goes past my bedtime (10pm-1:30am).