Wedding Season

Got these cute heels at Broken Cherry in Wicker Park

This weekend I'm attending the 3rd wedding this year and I'm a bridesmaid! Above are the shoes I'm wearing with my peacock teal dress, they're pretty rad. It's rare I wear heels since I'm already 5'11" and don't like drawing attention to myself, but I'm looking forward to getting all gussied up on Saturday and celebrating with Sam & Ryan.

I've kind of been in decompression mode since the opening at the Koehnline Museum of Art and dropping off my work for 3 shows at the Anysquared Art Walk. I'll probably be working on new pieces next week once I've recovered from my wedding hangover. Till then I'm going to schedule some probably boring blog posts (sorry), but I hope everyone has a great weekend! Are you working on any fun projects? Let me know in the comments!


My friend Sam is getting married in less than two weeks! I'm so happy to be a part of the bridal party and I had fun planning the bachelorette party this past Saturday. We had dinner at Old Oak Tap in Ukrainian Village then popped over to Bar Deville for a few cocktails then spent the rest of the night at one of our favorite bars, Gold Star. Whew!

Sunday morning a few of us from the party had brunch at Longman & Eagle and now I know why everyone raves about it! I had the market scramble with a croissant and side of mixed greens in a light pesto sauce and it was amazing. We then went to the farmer's market to wander around and I picked up a small bouquet of flowers for my living room, I really want to keep fresh flowers in the apartment more often! I had a wee bit of a hangover and was tired so I spent the rest of the day catching up on TV and movies (watched Battle Royale) with the boyfriend who was home sick from work. It was the perfect weekend!

Odds and Ends

Slowly getting back into a good routine of working in the studio. As some of you know I have a full time job so it's often a challenge for me to balance everything, but I try! Above is a photo of a sketch I'm working on for a piece for a beer themed art show at Cole's bar in Logan Square. Submissions are due soon, I hope I get it done in time!

I got this the other day to try out. I work with a decent amount of fabric so I have a feeling this will come in quite handy.

 I hope everyone has a good weekend! I'll be at Riot Fest in Humboldt Park tomorrow and probably a little bit on Sunday. I'm looking forward to seeing some of my favorite bands.

Catching Up

So August was a kinda weird month and I sorta fell off the bloggin' bandwagon recently. Last week I went to the ER (I'm ok now!) and it was a bit stressful. I've been painting here and there and need to work on some things for a few art shows I want to submit work too soon. There are a million other things going on AND I'm moving at the end of September. Trying to stay positive and not let anything get me down! Here's some recent photos of what I've been up to. 

Painting and drinking the best pumpkin beer, Shipyard Pumpkinhead 

More in progress 

Balloon octopus outside the Art Institute 

I made a button ring

Hello from Chicago

I'm waiting for some updates on my computer to finish so I figured I would ramble for a minute here in my tiny corner of the Internet. What has your dear friend Kate the Great been up to? I recently started taking Burlesque classes at Studio L'amour and it's so fun! I know what your thinking fellas, and sorry to inform you no clothes are being taken off at this stage of classes. This is the very basic class to learn the moves and it's quite a workout! 

Last night I finally got to check out Spudnik Press and do some printing with my good friend Erik. I had some trouble printing with the soft cut lino I used so I'll go back to the better stuff and maybe do some woodcuts. I took some pictures of the studio space and will post soon! This place was amazing, they have everything. 

Till next time!