Reality Right Now

I'd love to be sharing a new piece that I've been working on, but that's not happening. The reality right now is we dealt with a stressful move and there are still unpacked boxes a month later. We are renting an apartment that was rehabbed and unfortunately not finished in time, causing us to board our cat and couch surf for close to a week before we could actually move in with our stuff. There is still work being finished up while we live here (hence the unpacked boxes), and well, it's made life stressful. I haven't fully set up my studio and I haven't painted since the last apartment. Moving every year is no fun but we gotta make it work since this is the situation we’re currently in.

The reality of the office/studio right now is pictured below. I didn't move, pick up, or style anything. This is the messy reality. I look at Pinterest multiple times a week, and while it's a great place to collect ideas, it's also giving me some serious guilt about our place not looking perfect. I just recently finished reading “Real Artists Have Day Jobs” by Sara Benincasa and one of the major takeaways I got is that life isn’t perfect and that is totally OK.  So I'm sharing this picture for anyone who also feels their life is a little bit messy and chaotic right now.

I'm in an accountability group online and this week I set the goal for myself to paint/draw/collage anything no matter how small or ugly, to get myself back in the habit. I look forward to see what I end up making and will share here (yet another format of accountability). I'm a little behind, but if I get something done tomorrow I'll be within the week I set.

Thanks for reading! It’s rather cathartic for me to share this and I can’t wait to be settled in!