Katie Holland Art Online Shop Relaunch!

I am so happy to announce that after a hiatus, my online shop is back! I chose to move it to my own page here at KatieHolland.com. Make sure to check out the shop because there are two brand new paintings in there- Simplicity Considered #1 and #2

I wanted to share the inspiration for these paintings. I am a collector of various vintage ephemera and while looking through a drawer the other week I found the below sewing pattern packaging. I was immediately drawn to the women on the cover and was also stuck on two paintings that I had in progress and knew that this was what I needed to add. In my style, I worked with adding the outlines of the neck and head to the canvas in a dark grey acrylic paint with a liner brush. It now felt finished. As for the hexagons- one day while at my desk I thought that hexagons would make a great background pattern and I drew one on a post it and hung that above my desk. I kept it there a few weeks until I started these paintings. So satisfying to see ideas come together! I hope you enjoy the new work!