Creative Challenge

I decided to give myself a creative challenge to get myself out of my normal process. I've been really stuck with getting something to look exactly as it does in my head and I think it's slowing me down. I end up putting a lot of pressure on myself! 

So my challenge was to pick some random supplies without thinking what the end game is, and make a piece of art. 


The supplies I picked for this challenge

The supplies I picked for this challenge

 I ended up choosing some scrapbook paper and wallpaper sample (both floral), decorative paper flowers, vintage book paper, embroidery thread, buttons, and a few small decorative odds and ends.

I ended up creating a mixed media piece in which the base was the floral scrapbook paper, cutting out the shape by following the flow of two flower bunches. From there I figured out the basic layout of the bigger bits and added the detail. Pretty simple and quick challenge for myself! I don't think I could of created this piece any other way and I find that so interesting.

Thanks for reading! If you have any creative challenges you like to do let me know in the comments.