go go go go go go

Ok, maybe a black and white studio shot is dumb because you can't tell what color the canvas is, but hey, it looks cool. It's in progress anyways, which by the way, is taking forever. This is part of a diptych and I really wish I had two easels! After really seeing and studying the texture on a Jasper Johns piece at the Art Institute I'm really not happy with this background, I need to push it further. I got some weird palette knives at the hardware store today so I can play around with paint application.

I got a "thanks but no thanks" for an installation proposal I sent in to a bar for their gallery window. I was pretty bummed but I need to keep working and moving along. The new Red City Radio album is called, "The Dangers of Standing Still" and I've been sort of feeling that way lately. Must keep working, must keep trying. Also have fun going to shows and hanging with my friends.