Slow Going

I hate going to the doctor. 

I don't write many personal posts but I felt the need to vent...

I'm hoping one of these days soon life gives me a break. I had a tooth pulled 2 weeks ago and the week after a few fillings put in (lesson learned about skipping the dentist!), and this week I went to the doctor for a muscle strain in my neck that quite possibly is a pinched nerve. The muscle relaxers and pain meds are enough to make sleeping bearable but I'm still in a lot of pain. After some research it looks like going to a chiropractor is the next step and I have an appointment tomorrow. The neck pain is tough because I can't even look down to read. I suppose I could sit with the book straight in front of my face, but that will not be comfortable for long. I haven't worked in my studio at all either. Basically I've been in a medicine haze since Tuesday and sleeping a lot. I was supposed to go on trip to Lake Geneva this weekend for a bachelorette party and had to cancel since there is no way I could do all the activities and deal with the pain and no way I could rest the muscle in my neck/shoulder. I've been a bit stressed over these health issues amongst other things and hope I feel well soon and am back to normal, I've got a lot to do!