Bedroom Painting Ideas

So here I am on a Sunday night looking at paint samples and trying to decide what color to paint my room. This has led to me saving some ideas when I come across them (I love Evernote!) and also thinking about what else I can do to refresh my room. I use to move around a lot and it took me awhile of living in Chicago to realize I don't HAVE to move every year or less than a year. I like to make an apartment cozy and I love to nest but there is always a part of me that doesn't go all out because I'm not sure when I'll be taking it down again but I want to do a few new things to my room where I live now. 

I've taped some paint samples up on my wall so I can look at them for a few days to decide what color I like best. I'm leaning towards a muted green/mint color, something relaxing for sure. Once I choose a paint color I want to pick out some fabric to make curtains...and oh, I guess I should learn how to sew curtains too! 

Anyone working on any fun house/apartment decorating projects? I would love to hear about it!