April Goals Wrap Up

Alright, so on April 3rd I set some goals for myself for the month, let's see how I did! 

Back to the basics: I wanted to practice more observationl sketching and life drawing and I only did one sketch, BUT I did get some professional head/body shots taken by Scott Nealon of OTK Photography so I can use those as reference for sketching/painting. I plan to do this in the next month to sharpen some skills that don't get used too often. 

Get new pieces ready to hang: I got my three newest pieces ready to hang, good thing because I sold one of my arrow pieces this weekend! 

Work out ideas more: I've been doing a TON of collaging and generally just working in my sketchbook more to work out ideas for new pieces. Doing so lead to 5 new washi tape collage paintings. I've also started a new series that I want to propose a solo gallery show to for a few places. I feel this is something I've been working towards for awhile and this is the time and the work to push forward with. 

Make Make Make: I'm very happy with the overall amount of time I've spent in the studio and things I've gotten done! I'm trying to stay in the zone and keep up the good pace. Last week I was distracted by jury duty for two days (I was exhausted for some reason) and this upcoming Friday I have dental surgery; but I'm trying to not beat myself up and let myself have downtime when I need it to keep a good mental balance.