April Goals

I know it's a few days into April but I wanted to share some goals I have in mind for the month art wise. 

Back to the basics: I want to do some observational sketching, especially of people, these skills get rusty when I don't use them for awhile. 

Get new pieces ready to hang: I don't have any shows scheduled at the moment but it's so easy to forget to put hanging hardware on a piece and then when it's time to show I'm doing everything at once to prepare. Trying to save myself the trouble down the road! 

Work out ideas more: I tend to spend a lot of time thinking about my art when I'm outside the studio and by the time I actually get to work I'm dying to get started and often don't have a specific vision, just more the idea, and just start to put paint on the canvas and see where things go. There's nothing wrong with this, some of my favorite pieces have started this way but I want to switch up how I work. I want to have a ton of sketches and collages to work from so when the time comes when I can start working on a new piece and I'll know I have the basic layout/design good to go and can play around a bit more with materials and technique. 

Make Make Make: I've been slow in getting things done lately and need to pick up the pace! If I find Netflix to be a distraction I need to put on music and just zone out to focus. 

I already started to work on some new collages tonight and have a few ideas brewing for a new series. Exciting!