Bits and Pieces

It's a gloomy Wednesday here in Chicago and we're still waiting for Spring to finally start. I'm fighting allergies and yet another cold and haven't worked on any art stuff since Friday and I'm getting a bit antsy. This weekend I was going to work on a lot of projects but I spent it in bed with cold medicine, OJ, and Netflix (finally finished Weeds!). I'm feeling less achy finally but still have this lingering tiredness and stuffy nose. 

I've been working on some collages to get the ideas rolling and this morning had an AHA! moment and thought of a brand new series to do and honestly, I can't believe I hadn't thought of it before. I've been debating what medium to use and I'm leaning towards fabric. It's crypic for now but I'll post the pieces once I get the idea fully worked out and start making. 

For now, here's some collages on paper I did last week. It's pages from my 1950's How you Look and Dress book on top of wallpaper samples. It's simple but I like the effect of the cut out faces with the color and pattern showing through.