I'm really into Hygge

I love a good cozy night on the couch with my favorite blanket, a lit candle, and a book. Add in a thunderstorm or snow and it’s even better! Knowing there was a Danish term for this was so much fun to find out and learn about! If you haven’t already heard about Hygge, it’s basically the Danish term for being cozy, and there are so many ways to apply the word. Check out The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking for a quick and easy way to learn all about it. So of course, with this new discovery I wanted to find artful hygge items for inspiration and thought it’d be fun to share what I curated from the internet. Here are some beautiful things that I consider to have that cozy hygge feel, enjoy!

April Wrap Up

Time flies huh? I'm here for another monthly wrap up of the creative things that I am currently doing and enjoying. Psst- see previous wrap ups here

April Wrap Up!

  • While in Indiana for a wedding I found a wonderful store that sells handmade goods called Gather. If you're ever in Bloomington, IN make sure to stop in.
  • Went to the Babely  Bazaar at Slippery Slope and picked up a coloring book zine, print and a new pin.
  • Went to C2E2 and met Kate Leth. She signed some comics for me!
  • Listening to: New podcast I am listening to is The Creative Introvert and I'm enjoying it.
  • Checking out the new Etsy Studio and debating selling collage packs on there...

That is it for this month! If you are in Chicago make sure you check out my work on view in May- Info below:

Les Nereides

108 N. State St. Chicago, IL 60602

5/4/17 through 5/31/17

Photo Round Up:

March Wrap Up

We made it to Spring! Chicago didn't have it too bad this winter but I'm still looking forward to warmer weather and outdoor street festivals. Let's get right to the big news from March, I relaunched my online shop! If you haven't checked it out yet make sure to pop on over and note the free US domestic shipping (sweet!). If you've been meaning to decorate the walls of your home or office, original art is a great way to do that. And bonus if you're in Chicago you're supporting a local artist (contact me for local delivery options).

Here's the March creative wrap up:

Photo Round Up

I am so happy the new shop is open!

I am so happy the new shop is open!

My resketch kickstarter award

My resketch kickstarter award

A peek at a new (reworked) item coming soon to the shop

A peek at a new (reworked) item coming soon to the shop



Workspace Update!

Remember when I posted some sad photos of my studio/office back in September? I thought I would update with new photos of where I work. It's an organized chaos and still pretty messy, but it's a good set up for the small space I have. Renting means working with what you have, and I've adapted fairly well considering where I started (look at the very end of this post for that box nightmare)

L: I love these Ikea wall mount shelves!

R: I keep my favorite art (small) pieces that I have collected over the years above my desk for inspiration. 

L: The insanely full bookcase holds everything: sketchbooks, supplies, business cards...etc

R: Another desk view

Where this room started (Ack!)

Tonight's task, attempt to unpack a few office boxes.

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Katie Holland Art Online Shop Relaunch!

I am so happy to announce that after a hiatus, my online shop is back! I chose to move it to my own page here at KatieHolland.com. Make sure to check out the shop because there are two brand new paintings in there- Simplicity Considered #1 and #2

I wanted to share the inspiration for these paintings. I am a collector of various vintage ephemera and while looking through a drawer the other week I found the below sewing pattern packaging. I was immediately drawn to the women on the cover and was also stuck on two paintings that I had in progress and knew that this was what I needed to add. In my style, I worked with adding the outlines of the neck and head to the canvas in a dark grey acrylic paint with a liner brush. It now felt finished. As for the hexagons- one day while at my desk I thought that hexagons would make a great background pattern and I drew one on a post it and hung that above my desk. I kept it there a few weeks until I started these paintings. So satisfying to see ideas come together! I hope you enjoy the new work!