Slip n' Slide

Yep that's what I did today when I attempted to walk to work. After the second slip and fall about 2 blocks from my house I gave up and went back home to nurse my sore butt, back, elbow...etc. Besides the crappy ice this morning that covered EVERYTHING it was a good day to nap and work on some crafts! Oh and also think of possible places to move to because I'm sick of this midwest winter crap.

Here's some places I'm considering moving to. If I go through with a move it would be next fall so I could have another summer in Chicago. 

Charlotte (or somewhere else in the Carolinas) 
Las Vegas

Any input on these locations anyone? I have friends in Portland and Charlotte but don't now anyone in the other locations.

Anyways, here's a pictures of some gift tags I just added to my etsy shop, which you can check out through the link in the sidebar.